31 janvier 2023

Vladimir Putin declares "partial mobilization" in Russia in relation to Ukraine

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On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin made the assurance that the goals of his "special military operation" in Ukraine had not altered by announcing that he had signed a decree authorizing the partial mobilization of reservists. The partial mobilization of Russians of combat age was declared by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, opening the door for a significant escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. According to Putin, it is vital to support the Defence Ministry's plan to partially mobilize reserve citizens who have served in the military and have suitable expertise.

The Russian president said, "The decree for partial mobilisation has been signed" and would take effect "today." Despite recent reports of a full mobilization, the Russian president insisted that "we are just talking about partial mobilization."

According to Jean-Didier Revoin, our correspondent in Moscow, all Russians with military experience will be called up to join the ranks of soldiers currently engaged in combat in the Donbass. Vladimir Putin argues that it is necessary in order to protect a front that currently stretches for more than 1,000 kilometers.

Today address was originally scheduled for last night, but due to its significance, it was changed to this morning so that both Moscow residents and citizens in the Far East could hear it.

An answer to the West
Vladimir Putin stated his support for the annexation referendums in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory in a military speech to the country, claiming it was his "moral obligation" to defend the locals from the "neo-Nazis" in charge in Kiev.

The Russian president said that his nation was just retaliating for Western aggression that, in his words, exposed Moscow to "nuclear blackmail." The Russian president declared, "We will undoubtedly employ all tools at our disposal to preserve Russia and our people." He said that the West wanted to "destroy" Russia, and he then added, "This is not a bluff."

The Russian president stated in his address that "the West's purpose is to undermine, split, and destroy Russia." Sergei Shoigu, the minister of defense, stated that Russia will call up 300,000 reservists to supplement its forces in Ukraine, but cautioned that this is but a small portion of the total number of individuals who may be called up in the nation. The minister estimates that there are about 25 million individuals in Russia who might be mobilized.

In addition, Russia stated that 5,937 troops had died since the commencement of its assault in Ukraine at the end of February. This number is far lower than that reported by the Ukrainian and Western governments.



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