3 juin 2023

Mali: a week-long strike by students and teachers

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In Mali, they prefer to refer to a "national walkout" rather than a strike to emphasize that the entire region is at stake. However, the Mali Association of Pupils and Students (AEEM) has called for a walkout from the country's colleges, high schools, universities, and grandes écoles beginning Monday, November 21, and lasting until the end of the week. The movement is focused solely on sectoral demands, but it also represents rising general unrest.

Increased delays in delivery of financial allowances, inadequate infrastructure, lack of internet connection, insecurity, overcrowded classrooms, and a shortage of teachers: twenty or so distinct and different allegations support the Association of Mali Pupils and Students' appeal to abandon the classroom.

The organization regrets unmet obligations

This organization was founded in 1990 to lead the battle against former dictator General Moussa Traoré and to advocate for the establishment of a multi-party system in Mali. Today, the organization laments the Malian transitional government' failure to fulfill its obligations.

According to AEEM spokeswoman Mamadou Maga, "we have been putting forth the same difficulties at the level of our supervisory ministry for two years now, agreements were made but not honored." We have listened and dialogued for two years, and we have revoked our strike orders, but the line has not moved.

Complaints are taken into consideration

According to Mamadou Maga, the AEEM, the movement is extraordinarily well attended, "more than 90%." Following a meeting with two representatives of AEEM, the Malian Ministry of Education stated in a press release issued on November 21 that the students' grievances were taken into account in the government's action plans, that some responses had already been made, and that it was "doing everything possible to find solutions."



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