3 juin 2023

DRC, Zambia and industrialists agree to study a free zone to manufacture batteries.

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An agreement for studies on a free zone to set up a manufacturing industry for electric vehicle batteries was signed by the Congolese and Zambian authorities and financial partners on Monday 27 March. Rich in lithium and other necessary materials, such as cobalt and copper, the DRC wants to make the most of this market; considering the establishment of the cross-border special economic zone in its province, Haut-Katanga.

The African Export-Import Bank has stepped in to finance the pre-feasibility studies and the results should be available in five months. Faced with the grand ambitions of the Congolese authorities, Jean-Luc Mastaki, the sub-regional director of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, warns that the market is certainly booming, but it is much more evolving.