14 août 2022

DRC: First lady DENISE NYAKERU TSHISEKEDI had no accidents

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In a video that circulated on social networks in the evening of this Thursday, we see a jeep of the presidential motorcade know an accident on the Boulevard du 30 Juin.

Without knowing the cause of this accident or the occupants of the jeep, rumors have taken up residence, giving for accident, the first lady. Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi, the wife of the Head of State.

False, say credible sources. The First Lady is in very good health and has not had any traffic accidents. It is rather a Toyota jeep that was in the suite of the presidential motorcade returning from the side of the Avenue des Poids lourds and which struck a pole of the public lighting. The driver, the only occupant of the said vehicle came out safe and sound.



© Photo Credits : acpcongo