14 août 2022

A new smart bra can aid with breast cancer detection

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Bolarinwa Kemisola, a robotics engineer from Nigeria, has created a bra that can spot breast cancer. In Nigeria, where an estimated 17,000 women each year pass away from breast cancer, the novel gadget can aid in the fight against the illness. There are 14 sensors in all in the smart bra, and they are all wired to a USB port. The process may be followed using a phone application that is part of the system. The new gadget also promotes breast cancer awareness. The Nigerian scientist claimed that on the day her aunt passed away, she dedicated herself to discovering a cure for breast cancer.


By February 2021, the first functional prototype had been created after consulting with various medical experts and scientists. Many African women, according to study, are unaware of what cancer is and turn to traditional treatment when it strikes. Over 600,000 women worldwide, with little over 74 000 of those deaths occurring in Africa, perished from breast cancer in 2020, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).



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