3 octobre 2022

Algeria imports 95% of the grain while being self-sufficient in them

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The first input in the agricultural production process are the seeds, namely these chosen and treated seeds. They so serve as a very crucial component of any nation's food security. This makes the creation of "seed banks" essential. Experts estimate that only ten or so multinational companies dominate the global seed business, which has a market value of about 26 billion dollars.

Despite having a naturally abundant supply of plant genetic resources, Algeria strangely imports 95% of its seeds, particularly for crops used in market gardens. There has to be a fix for this oddity. Aissa Zerghmati, a specialist in agronomic sciences, claims that Algeria has research centers in this area and is capable of creating its own seeds.

On the other hand, he continues, it has been self-sufficient in the field of field crop (cereal) seeds for about 25 years at this point, saving close to $400 million in the process. Mohamed Belabdi, the director general of the Algerian Interprofessional Cereals Office (OAIC), reportedly stated that "durum and soft wheat and barley seeds are no longer imported and are totally produced in Algeria" in a statement broadcast on Algerian Radio in January 2018.



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