31 janvier 2023

Russia purchases weapons and ammo from North Korea

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Due to supply issues, Moscow has been compelled to seek Pyongyang's assistance. The New York Times' information is taken from declassified American intelligence papers. Following the acquisition of drones built in Iran, this choice was taken as part of recent warming relations between Russia and North Korea.

There were immediate results from the letters that Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin exchanged a few weeks ago. Despite the two presidents' insistence that their bilateral relationship needed to advance, we now know that Russia is purchasing millions of artillery rounds and munitions from Pyongyang. Washington, which made the information public, interpreted it as a hint that Russia is having trouble supplying itself as a result of the sanctions imposed on it since the start of the conflict in Ukraine.

Even though Moscow hasn't released its exact equipment list, the information is still important. First of all, it is blatantly against UN sanctions that forbid the acquisition of any weapons from North Korea in an effort to stop the expansion of that nation's nuclear program.

Troubles with supplies
Even if Pyongyang has a sizable supply of ammunition, the military hardware it has is not the most up-to-date, making it difficult for Moscow to secure even the most basic supplies.

Nevertheless, this is wonderful news for North Korea. The nation receives financial compensation for its allegiance to Moscow after joining Russia and Syria in recognizing the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics in July.



© Photo Credits : Wilson Center