31 janvier 2023

DRC: A former member of the M23 rebel organization establishes a counter-movement

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On November 23, a new movement called "Résistants patriotes congolais/Force de frappe" (Pareco/FF) was created, led by a former M23 member.

Resistants patriotes congolais/Force de frappe (Pareco/FF) is a self-defense group whose claimed goal is to combat terrorist groups, namely the M23 and the ADF-MTN, in order to defend Congolese territory, according to its founder, Sendugu Museveni. The latter is a former M23 political bureau member with clout. This dissident, which has just formed in Masisi, North Kivu, accuses the M23 of raping, murdering, and plundering Congolese territory while the world community looks on helplessly.

According to the press statement announcing the formation of PARECO/FF, the new movement is in accordance with Article 63 of the DRC Constitution. In the case of a danger or foreign attack, every citizen has the right and obligation to protect the country and its territorial integrity.

Call on other armed groups
He also urged the Congolese self-defense forces to band together in order to "throw the adversary of peace in the DRC out of activity in order to help the Congolese government in its struggle to destroy all terrorist groups backed by Rwanda and Uganda."



© Photo Credits : DW