15 avril 2024

DRC: Nearly 400 dead after heavy rain.

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Floods and landslides in eastern DRC's South Kivu region, triggered by heavy rains on Thursday, have left at least 394 people dead and their bodies recovered, according to the latest death toll released on Sunday by an administrative official, at least 394 bodies have been recovered after floods in South Kivu, in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

She lost her two children, her two sisters and her parents. Her husband, who was injured, is in hospital. "I have no family and I have no field. Now I have to look for a place to sleep...", the young woman continues sadly.

The figure is not yet definitive.

On Saturday, the territory's administrator put the number of bodies found at 203. On Sunday, he mentioned at least 394, of which 120 were found floating on the lake at the level of Idjwi island, the others having been found in Nyamukubi and in the neighbouring village of Bushushu.

On the shore of the lake float pieces of wood, metal sheets, furniture and other materials carried by the raging rivers. Young people are trying to salvage what they can from the sunken houses: metal sheets, metal structures, planks... The Red Cross and the administration are still registering the families who have lost theirs, as well as the victims.

The village chief, Marcel Mubona, expects the death toll to rise. It's going to get "worse", he says, having just learned of the death of a young man who had been hospitalised. The only operational health facility in the area is a private institution, the "hospital for the promotion of mother and child health", which is also overwhelmed and has to cope with the lack of medicines, medical staff and beds

The situation is also catastrophic for the victims, who lack everything. The government has provided initial assistance. A boat full of food (beans, flour), tarpaulins and medicines arrived on the spot. At the end of Friday's council of ministers, Kinshasa announced that a government mission would be sent to help the provincial government deal with the disaster. A day of national mourning was declared on Monday.