24 juin 2024

Sarah Obama, the grandmother of the former American president has died

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The Kenyan grandmother of former U.S. President Barack Obama, Sarah Obama, died Monday morning at the age of 99. She was ill for a week. She was admitted to a hospital in Kisumu, western Kenya. The whole country is mourning the loss of this woman who was a great celebrity in the country.

According to her daughter, Sarah Obama tested negative for the coronavirus

"She has joined the Lord. She passed away this morning" according to her daughter Marsat Onyango. The family of the deceased said that Sarah Obama is not a covid patient. "She was ill and was taken to the intensive care unit for tests," according to her relatives.

Barack Obama considered Sarah Obama as his grandmother

"Mama Sarah" was born on the shores of Lake Victoria in 1922. She was the third wife of Barack Obama's paternal grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, a traditional practitioner who died in 1975.

Barack Obama always visited her for years. He saw Sarah Obama as his grandmother even though they are not related by blood. She became a national icon after a visit from Barack in 2006.

With the election of Barack Obama as US president, she became famous

She had to give up her porridge and doughnut business. Her house attracted many visitors and is now protected by barbed wire and guards. Her village is even proclaimed a protected national heritage by the Kenyan government.

A philanthropist serving her country "A strong and virtuous woman, a matriarch of great nobility and an icon of family values," Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said in a statement. He added that she was loving and appreciated by her community. She shares her wealth with the less fortunate. She has also been a very active member of international NGOs and organizations.


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