31 janvier 2023

Zelensky demands that Russia get "fair retribution"

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On September 21, the Ukrainian president delivered a video message to the UN General Assembly on its second day. He demanded the creation of a special court, the suspension of Russia's veto power at the UN, and "fair retribution" for Russia's crimes.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, addressed the leaders of state and government at the UN, saying, "A crime has been perpetrated against Ukraine and we demand due retribution." He presented his "formula for peace," which included five unassailable requirements for ending the conflict, for around 20 minutes.

The preservation of human life, the restoration of security and territorial integrity, security assurances, and Ukraine's will to keep defending itself were among them. The Ukrainian President stated of nations that have taken neutral stances on the conflict that neutrality "is not in our formula" and that they are impeding peace efforts.

The Ukrainian president, on the other hand, demanded that Russia be brought before a special court at the UN to answer for "its act of invasion" and "violation of boundaries and territorial integrity." He insisted that this clause "must stand until the internationally recognized boundaries are restored."

In addition, he urged the General Assembly to suspend Russia's veto authority in the UN Security Council and establish a reparations fund for Ukraine. He declared, "The aggressor must be separated from international organizations since it participates in decision-making there.

The president of state of Ukraine urged foreign leaders to continue applying pressure to Russia and provide fresh armaments to Ukraine while wearing his customary khaki shirt. He concluded his remarks with a standing ovation by saying, "Russia will be compelled to cease this conflict."

I send peace to everyone. I appreciate that we are working together to end armed conflict and ensure peace for all nations that have suffered. Ukraine has been the victim of a crime, and we seek proper retribution. This crime was perpetrated near our state's borders. 

The lives of our people were threatened by this act. The dignity of our women and men was violated by this act. This act was perpetrated against the principles that make people like you and me members of the UN family. Ukraine also wants justice for those who attempt to invade its land, for the thousands of people who have been murdered, and for the men and women who have been tortured and humiliated. Russia should be held accountable for the devastation that its unlawful war has produced, not just for us Ukrainians but for every country represented in this United Nations General Assembly chamber. Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, demands "retribution" for Russia.



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